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White Papers About Pervasive PSQL Installation and Configuration

By: Bill Bach

This page contains white papers created by Goldstar Software Inc. that discuss installing and configuring your Pervasive environment.

Click on the PDF icon to download the complete document in Acrobat format. Can't open the PDF files? Please visit for a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDFDownloading Actian Zen v13
This document describes the process of downloading the Actian Zen v13 database engine or client from the new Actian web site. (Updated November 2018)

PDFDownloading Actian PSQL v13
This document describes the process of downloading the PSQLv13 database engine and client. (Updated October 2018)

PDFDownloading Actian PSQL v12
This document describes the process of downloading the PSQLv12 database engine and client. (Updated August 2016)

PDFDownloading Pervasive PSQL v11
This document describes the process of downloading the PSQLv11 database engine and client. (Updated March 2013)

PDFUpdating Pervasive PSQL v10 to PSQLv10.30 or Newer
This document describes the process of patching an older Pervasive PSQL v10.20 (or older) database engine or client to the latest v10.31 release. (Updated January 2013)

PDFVirtualizing Your Pervasive Database Servers
Virtualization is the latest hot topic in the IT industry. Read this paper to help determine if this solution will work for your Pervasive database server! (Updated March 2014)

PDFTech Tip: Is My Pervasive Database Cache Big Enough for My Data?
This white paper was released as a Pervasive Tech Tip and helps you analyze your server to determine if your database cache is large enough for your data, or if you may need to adjust some settings. (Released February 2010) You can also read the Japanese version, translated by AgTech Pervasive Division.

PDFEntering your Pervasive PSQL License Key
Having problems with your Pervasive PSQLv10/v11/v12 License key? Try this paper! (Updated January 2013)

PDFEntering your Pervasive PSQLv9 License Key
Having problems with your Pervasive PSQLv9 License key? Try this paper! (Updated March 2010)

PDFChecking your Pervasive Installation for Proper Operation
If you are wondering if you have successfully installed the Pervasive engine, here's how you can check the basic operations to make sure it is working. (Updated September 2018)

PDFSetting a Permanent Gateway
The Pervasive.SQL 2000i and Pervasive.SQL V8 WorkGroup Engines work best when you can lock down the gateway to a single computer. Here's how & why...

PDFSetting up the WorkGroup Engine as a Service
If you use the Pervasive.SQL WorkGroup Engine on a server and do not log into the server every day, then you will need to configure the database engine to start as a service. This paper explains how to configure this so that the WGE works without logging in. (Updated July 2010)

PDFForcing the Requester Version Information
This article explains how to force the Pervasive.SQL 2000i (or newer) requester to return an older Version Number, so that older applications can work with the newer database engines. (Updated January 2015)

PDFDisable the DOSBOX Redirector
This article explains how to disable the DOSBOX redirector to get an old Btrieve for DOS application peacefully coexisting with a newer Pervasive.SQL application.

PDFPervasive.SQL 2000 Backward Compatibility
Pervasive Software bills the Pervasive.SQL 2000 database engine as "backward compatible" with older applications. This paper examines the core issues in this claim!

PDF Creating a Pervasive ODBC Data Source for PSQL v9, v10, v11, v12, or v13
If you already have DDF's, and just need to create a data source to access your PSQL database from ODBC, follow these quick instructions!

PDF Creating a Pervasive ODBC Data Source for PSQLv8 and Earlier
If you already have DDF's, and just need to create a data source to access your older PSQL database from ODBC, follow these quick instructions!

PDF Setting Up the Pervasive_Admin Group
If you need to access your database's configuration or monitor, and you don't have an Administrator password, then send this document to your system administrator. Once they create the Pervasive_Admin group properly, you'll be able to configure and monitor the server directly without needing to log into the server.

PDF Making the Most of the Client Cache Engine
Are you running a terminal server with lots of users? Or do you run a lot of Btrieve reports which access lots of data? You may be able to get huge performance gains by properly configuring the Client Cache Engine in your environment! Check out this paper for more information on this feature.

PDF Validating your PSQL Database Backups
Are you spending time to back up your data? Are your backups really usable? This paper gives you a way to test your backup soluiton to ensure compatibility with PSQL and make sure that your data is protected.

PDF Securing your Zen (PSQL) Database
Security of data is growing to be one of the most commonly-asked questions. Check out this discussion of the five security features available to you with Actian Zen/PSQL.

For more papers, see the Google+ link.

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