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Goldstar Software Inc.

Goldstar Software is the largest distributor (by volume) of PSQL products from Actian Corporation (formerly Pervasive Software) in the US, and we specialize in providing product sales, technical support and expertise for PSQL product lines.

The Database product line includes:

Actian's related products include:

In addition to the products from Pervasive/Actian, we also sell our own PSQL-related support and troubleshooting tools, as well as certain other components critical for networking, such as printers, firewalls, backup and replication environments, software, and more. For pricing, click the pricing link from each product page, or just click here.

Don't purchase PSQL products from a company that won't support them! Goldstar Software provides a full range of services centering on these products to get you up and running (and stay that way). Looking at another vendor? Ask them how many PSQL database installations they have performed and what support they offer!

Do you need training? We wrote the book on it - literally! Our original PSQL Service & Support classes have been running in one form or another since 1998, and our Advanced Network Troubleshooting and Implementing DataExchange training classes can make even these challenging tasks easy!

cool tools

womanOur SQLExec tool can be used to schedule exports from (or imports to) your PSQL database (or any ODBC data source) from a command line, making scheduling and automation easy.

SQL Interceptor is handy component that works with Wireshark to trace and decode the SQL queries going to a server (or from a workstation), giving you an idea of which ones might be slowing down your server. Our BtrvInterceptor tool does the same thing for Btrieve calls!

Need to load data into memory fast? Try our BtrvLoad tool, designed to populate a 64-bit server's cache quickly. Get this and other solutions to common administrative headaches from our main tools page.

Our PSQL Data File Recovery Toolkit can recover your PSQL data files when other soluitions fail!

The PSConfig Tool is a replacement for the Monitor that can use used from the command line or from a web browser. Manage your database from the beach on your smartphone!

Better yet, stay on top of the latest news about our tools and other information in the PSQL world by signing up for our new Mailing List today!

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Our business is based on the products from Actian Corporation, formerly Pervasive Software. You can find them on the web at

For an idea of the types of clients we serve, view our Clients Page.

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