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Application Support for Carestream Dental

Software Vendor: Carestream Dental
Application Name: Windent, PracticeWorks
Application Version: Varies by Product

As of January 2018, we received information from Carestream that the application Windent (the maxillofacial surgery practice management system) *IS* supported on Actian PSQL v13. However, this product has since been renamed to WinOMS and migrated to SQL Server, so you may wish to consider moving to this newer product line.

As of August 2021, Carestream Dental's web site still indicates that the current PracticeWorks version (CS PracticeWorks 10.1.3) officially requires Pervasive PSQL v11.30, as does the older versions 7.5.4 and 7.10.0. Click here for the full list of system requirements. It is as yet unclear if newer database versions have been tested or are supported by the Carestream staff. Although we do not expect any issues with newer releases like PSQL v12, PSQL v13, Zen v14, or Zen v15, if you are contemplating an upgrade, you may wish to validate this with Carestream Dental BEFORE purchasing.

For additional information on Windent or PracticeWorks, please use the link above to contact Carestream Support.

Windent Support Matrix:

Workgroup Engine

Windows Server

Linux Server

Actian PSQL v13 YES/R YES/R NO
Actian Zen v14      
Actian Zen v15      

PracticeWorks Support Matrix:

Workgroup Engine

Windows Server

Linux Server

Actian PSQL v11 YES/R YES/R NO
Actian PSQL v12      
Actian PSQL v13      
Actian Zen v14      
Actian Zen v15      

*Items with a NO are unsupported; items with YES are supported. Items with NR are not recommended; items with R are recommended. Items with no entry are unknown at this time.

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