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Application Support for Itron

Software Vendor: Itron
Application Versions:

MV-90 xi v2.0SP1: Requires PSQL v9.5, 10, or v11 32-bit ONLY. No 64-bit engines are supported.
MV-90 xi v3.0 (2010): Requires PSQL v9.5 or higher. PSQLv11 is recommended.
MV-90 xi v4.0 (2012): Requires PSQL v10 through PSQL v12.
MV-90 xi v4.5 (2014): Requires PSQL v10 through PSQL v12.
MV-90 xi v5.0 (2015): Requires PSQL v11 or higher. PSQL v13 is supported ONLY on this release.

MV-RS: Requires PSQLv9 or higher. PSQLv11 is recommended.
MV-RS v8.5: Requires PSQLv10 or higher. PSQLv11 is recommended.

IEE 6.0 SP4: Certified for Pervasive PSQL v9.5. However, Itron indicates that no source code changes were made for PSQLv11 support, so PSQLv11 should be OK (though not officially supported).
IEE 7.0 SP4: Certified for Pervasive PSQL v11.

Important Note: As of May 25, 2018, Itron WILL support using Actian PSQL v13 with the MV-90xi application, but only with release 5.0. The MV-RS product is "end-of-new-sale" as of December 2016 and "end of support" After 12/31/2021 (with the move to Temetra), but users without solid Internet access may elect to use MV-RS after this date. MV-RS HAS been tested and certified with both PSQL v12 and PSQL v13, so you can use either option, but Itron will not supply any upgrades.


  • Download 30-Day Evaluation License of Actian Zen v13: This link allows you to download a 30-day evaluation license of the Zen v13 database engine, formerly known as PSQL v13. Single user installations should get the Workgroup Engine. Multi-user installations should get the Server Engine. Be sure to ALSO download and apply the latest v13.11 Update before using the system with Itron MV-90 xi.


  • Download 30-Day Evaluation License of Actian PSQL v12: This link allows you to download a 30-day evaluation license of the PSQLv12 database engine. Single user installations should get the Workgroup Engine. Multi-user installations should get the Server Engine. Be sure to ALSO download and apply the latest v12.11 Update before using the system with Itron MV-90 xi.


We have received many questions about this lately, so here is the most current information on the requirements for operating MV-90 xi v3.0 (as of June, 2012).

Server Operating Systems: 
- Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

Client/Workstation Operating Systems: 
- Windows XP
- Windows Vista: Business & Enterprise
- Windows 7: Professional & Enterprise: 32-bit & 64-bit
- Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

Pervasive PSQL database:
- v9 SP2 and above
- v10: 32-bit
- v11: 32-bit & 64-bit
- Vx Server 11

A minimum of 4 GB RAM is recommended for both client/workstations and the server.

The Itron MV-90 xi application uses the Pervasive database engine to provide world-class performance and flexibility to their application development efforts. Itron allows users to purchase software through Itron or through Goldstar Software, their preferred reseller for the Pervasive database engine. We have worked extensively with Itron over the years and are in an excellent position to help you get your software installed and running quickly.

Installation of the Pervasive database is easy -- download and launch the installer, follow the prompts, then reboot, so you can do it yourself or have your tech guy (or gal) handle it for you. There is also a trial download available from the Pervasive web site (see links above) if needed. This trial can be converted to a full license, if you wish to avoid shipping costs of the physical CDROM.

For stand-alone (single-user) installations of MV-90 xi, the WorkGroup Engine (WGE) is for you. Although the Workgroup Engine is capable of supporting small workgroups of up to 5 concurrent users, Itron does not currently support this configuration, and you should instead get the Server engine. Please contact Itron for more information about their support for multi-user Workgroup Engines.

For multi-user installations, you want the Pervasive Server Engine, which is available with user counts of 6, 10, 20, 50, 100, and more. The Server Engine also provides additional performance and security over the WGE, and should be considered even for smaller sites looking to grow in the future. The Server Engine requires the use of a Windows 2000/2003/2008. We also recommend making sure that you meet the Pervasive.SQL Pre-Requisites list on your network before upgrading.

For pricing, please refer to our price list for Pervasive PSQL v11 or price list for Actian PSQL v12 or contact us for an exact quote!

Pervasive PSQL Summit v10 has been discontinued by and is now unsupported by Pervasive Software. PSQLv10.31 is the current version, and is supported by both Itron and Goldstar Software as well. The PSQLv10 software does NOT support running on Windows 95, 98, ME, or NT, so sites with older computers may be forced to upgrade their operating systems first. Also, please note that Windows 2000 users must have SP4, and Windows XP users must have SP2 to install this release. Users should also obtain the latest patch, indicated above. Windows 2008 Server, Vista, and 7 operating systems require the use of PSQL v10 or higher.

Pervasive PSQL v11 was released in 2010 and is a paid upgrade from older versions. PSQLv11 is the best platform if you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008. The PSQLv11 software does NOT support running on Windows 2000 or older, so sites with older computers may be forced to upgrade their operating systems first. Users should also obtain the latest patch, indicated above.

Actian PSQL v12 was released in 2014 and is a paid upgrade from older versions. PSQLv12 may have some issues with using the Online Database Defragmenter with the MV-90 xi application. PSQLv12 does NOT support Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Users should also obtain the latest patch, indicated above.

Actian Zen v13 was released in 2017 and is a paid upgrade from older versions. Zen v13 is the latest release and should only be used with MV-90 xi version 5.0. Zen v13 is NOT supported on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Users should also obtain the latest patch, as indicated above.

Database Engine Support: Here is the table of the versions of PSQL that are supported for use with MV-90 xi as of June, 2015:

Database \ MV-90xi Version 1.5 2.0 SP1 3.0 4.0 4.5 5.0
Supported By Itron Through...
Unsupported 09/30/2015 06/30/2016 Current Current Current
Pervasive.SQL V8 (8.5, 8.6, 8.7) YES NO NO NO NO NO
Pervasive PSQL v9 YES YES YES (1) NO NO NO
Pervasive PSQL Summit v10 32-bit NO YES YES YES YES NO
Pervasive PSQL v11 32-bit NO Limited YES YES YES YES
Actian PSQL v12 or Vx Server 12 NO NO NO YES(2) YES(2) YES(2)
Actian Zen v13 or Vx Server 13 NO NO NO NO NO YES(2)

(1) For MV-90 xi v3.0, the free patch to v9.71 Update 4 must be applied.
(2) Users should avoid the Online Database Defragmenter utility with MV-90 xi when remote interrogations or task processing is active on any workstation. Itron performed initial testing on v12.00, and some of these issues may have been fixed in v12.01 Update 2, but this has not yet been confirmed by Itron. We recommend you avoid this (optional) functionality until Itron confirms testing of the newer patch release.

There are a few points of interest:

  1. Installation Tip: Itron has found a possible conflict with the Cache Engine feature of Pervasive PSQL. After installation of the Workgroup Engine (or the client components in a Server Engine), you should disable the Client-Side Cache feature by following these steps from each computer on your network:
    • Start the Pervasive Control Center (Start/Run/PCC.EXE)
    • On the Welcome screen, click on the option "Configure Microkernel Router".
    • Click on the heading (on the left) for "Performance Tuning".
    • On the right side of the window, Uncheck "Use Cache Engine" to disable the CCE.
    • Click OK or APPLY, exit the PCC, and restart your computer to ensure that the changes take effect.
  2. Performance Tip: If the WGE is used, the machine with the data files physically on it (also called the peer server) should be designated as the permanent gateway using the Gateway Locator Utility. Changing the configuration from a floating gateway (the default) to a permanent gateway will provide the best performance and stability. See our white paper on this topic for more information, or click HERE for the video!
  3. Performance Tip: If you have a very old system, you may wish to consider upgrading your database files to the v9.5 file format. See our white paper on this topic for more information. If you have a very old database with 5.x files, you may be REQUIRED to rebuild files to maintain compatibility with PSQLv9 or newer.
  4. Status Code 161 After Installation: If you are getting a Status 161 (Licensing Error) after installing Pervasive, then your database license may not be properly applied. Go to the database server and start the Pervasive License Administrator (which you'll find in the Start/Programs/Pervasive programs group) and check the license count showing on this screen. If you do not see a permanent license with the correct user count, then you will need to apply your license. See your invoice or packing slip for your Registration Keycode, and enter this string into the boxes provided, then click "Add License". You should then see the proper license count. See our License Troubleshooting White Paper for more information.
  5. Problems with Backups on PSQLv10: Some sites have seen some problems when running on PSQLv10 with their backups, since the database engine erroneously holds files open that it should be closing. You may wish to update to v10.13 or higher, or use Continuous Operations Mode or Backup Agent to obtain proper backups.
  6. Moving to a New Server: If you are moving MV-RS to a new server, you may have to adjust the ODBC Client DSN on each workstation. The Database Directory field should point to the correct MV-RS database you wish to connect with. Interestingly, it seems that while the first install leaves a drive letter in this path (which then works if you change servers), subsequent installs drop in a UNC path name instead. When attempting to access the database, it may then hit the old server, even if the drive letter has been mapped to the new server. Modify the DSN to fix this issue.
  7. Status 30: If you get a Status 30, it likely means that you have a Btrieve 6.15 workstation on your computer. Search your ENTIRE computer for WBTRV32.DLL and W32MKDE.EXE and delete any copies older than 1999 or not in the PSQL\BIN folders.
  8. Unable to connect to database. Error Code: 0: If you get this message with MV-RS, it likely indicates that your Merant ODBC driver is unable to connect to the database. First, check to verify that PSQL is installed and functioning correctly, and use the Function Executor to test access to a simple file. Second, verify that the ODBC data source is properly configured. (Be sure to use the 32-bit ODBC Administrator on Win64 machines.) This problem has been found to occur after an upgrade to PSQL v12, and going into the ODBC Administrator, viewing the MVRS data and clicking OK will resolve it. Finally, make sure that the MVRS INI file has the same DSN defined in the sections "Security" and "Database".
  9. Enabling SQL Security on MV-90 xi 4.0+: Securing the database is important, with all the talk of malware and hacking in the press. If you are interested in locking down your SQL database, Itron has provided a paper for you to follow.
  10. Concurrency Violation When Saving Parameters: MV-90 xi Single PC Customers Only: If your MV-90 xi system was installed as a new system for MV-90 xi versions v3.0 or later, after upgrading your system to PSQL v12, it is possible that you will see an error message regarding a concurrency violation when trying to save changes to the validation settings in System Parameters. There is a new database upgrade program when updating to a later release of MV-90 xi that will correct this issue. If you are upgrading to PSQL v12 but are not upgrading your MV-90 xi version, please contact Itron Support to obtain a fix for this issue.
  11. Too Many SQL Connections: If your database engine is maintaining a LOT of SQL connections from MV-90xi, then you should first contact Itron to let them know that you are seeing this issue. (It occurs because the application opens a new SQL connection without properly closing down the previous connection.) As a workaround, you can then enable the SQL connection cleanup process by creating or modifying two regsitry keys in the HKLM/Software/Pervasive Software/SQL Connection Manager/SERVER.INI/SQLManager:
    ConnectionIdleTimeout = 30 (Minutes)
    EnableIdleTimeouts = 1 (Enabled)

    With these changes in place, the engine will periodically scan for any idle connections and terminate them once they are over 30 minutes with no activity.
  12. Moving MV-90xi to a New Server: When moving MV-90xi to a new server, you may have to modify boith the ODBC data source AND the system parameters. Do the latter by launching SYSPRAMS.EXE, then going to Workgroups, select your workgroup, and modify the path values accordingly.

If you need help with installing or patching your database engine, Goldstar Software also provides update services via the Internet for a fixed fee. See our Installation Services page for more details. If you are running PeachTree Accounting or other PSQL applications, then we strongly recommend using our installation services, as PeachTree can make installing a bit more of a challenge.

If you are a software vendor and would like to add, remove, or modify your information on these pages, we'll be happy to oblige. Simply contact us directly!

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