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Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers are saying about our services:

Our company was in a real jam.  We are using accounting software built by a company that had discontinued support for the product.  The system was built with a Btrieve 6.15 back end.  We had spoken to many companies finding that support for correcting a btrieve table problem was either going cost us thousands of dollars for an emergency fix or thousands for a new solution.  This kind of money for a small company like ours wasn't an option.  When I called Goldstar, Bill Bach said, “I don't know anything about your software, but I can offer to help and take a look at the tables for you and work with you to get it fixed.”  Sure enough, within 24 hours we are up and running with consistency in our system.  I realize that Goldstar is working with some large customers, however without a blink they took on our job.  It tells a lot about the company.  Thank you Goldstar.
Jeffrey Levy
Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation

Goldstar's Service and Support class is a must for network administrators and systems analysts that have to deal with applications that use Btrieve. Since we took Goldstar's Service and Support class, we have been able to: - Take the fear out of Btrieve database administration. - Develop a reliable high frequency backup of critical Btrieve data files using Pervasive's open file backup tool. - Quickly identify problems as being Btrieve problems or not. Most of the time they are not. We continue to call on Goldstar for advice and help with problems. Goldstar’s knowledge of Pervasive products and how they interact with applications and the network environment is unbelievable.
Tom Ashcroft
Senior Systems Analyst, Flight Control System
America West Airlines

At PMSI, we found Goldstar to be an invaluable resource in bringing the combined knowledge of software applications, servers, and workstations together to resolve problems and improve performance. Goldstar's expert knowledge of Btrieve and documentation are a valuable resource for my developers and network support staff.
Peter Foley
Vice President, Application Solutions/Underwriting
PMSI Services Inc.

We run a number of mission critical systems that use Btrieve and Pervasive SQL. We feel very fortunate to have found the kind of expert support that Bill Bach and Goldstar Software provide. The timely response to our requests, quality training programs, and the ability to quickly troubleshoot problems, has made Goldstar the perfect source for all of our Pervasive support needs.
Sean Smart, Operations Systems Administrator Midwest Express Airlines

Bill's the person I go to when I have problems; need I say more?
Jim Kyle, Author of Btrieve Complete  

Goldstar Software is VERY knowledgeable about Btrieve/PSQL - a great resource to tap into! They have provided us with solutions that enabled us to not only stabilize our environment, but drastically improve performance and scalability! Classroom instruction is detailed in information, yet easy-to-understand. We have always counted on Goldstar Software, and will continue to do so in the future, to provide us more ideas and strategies in helping us move forward with our PSQL installations.
Stephen Bruno Tufts Health Plans

Bill Bach is an excellent instructor because he draws on a broad range of disciplines from his jobs as a sys admin, programmer, network specialist and consultant, yet he makes the course materials easily accessible to those of his students who do not have the same breadth of knowledge so that they can benefit from his experience.
John Rothgeb, Education/Sales Engineer Pervasive Software Inc.

Goldstar offers a unique pesperpective of Btrieve applications from their extensive "in the field" exposure from application development to deployment. The depth of knowledge is easily seen at these classes and even move important, the person attending the class walks away with that same knowledge!
Stacey Worsham, Backline Support Manager Pervasive Software Inc.

Bill Bach and Goldstar Software know things about Btrieve that I'm not even sure Pervasive knows. When we've needed Btrieve-specific help with our project, they've been very valuable.
Brian Smith, Director of Software Development PracticeWorks

The classes were great. I learned a great deal and look forward to the opportunity to begin to use the knowledge I acquired. Your presentation made the material much easier to understand and grasp. I would highly recommend you as a trainer to anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of Btrieve knowledge. Thanks for a great experience.
Chris Carmack CIS Consulting

Goldstar is a superb strategic partner. We rely heavily on Goldstar’s expertise in helping ISVs and developers work on their Pervasive database applications and assisting VARs with installation issues. Goldstar is known for its ability to diagnose problems quickly, and its technical abilities are outstanding.
Ray Gish, Strategic Sales Pervasive Software Inc.
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