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Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit v2
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(Formerly Btrieve Administrator's Recovery ToolKit (BART))

Although Pervasive has trumpeted the Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL databases as not needing a database administrator (i.e. zero DBA), there remains some call for people extremely knowledgeable about the database and the database files and structures, especially when the operating system decides to mangle a data file. (Although everyone knows that MS Windows never crashes, its "features" sometimes cause some consternation.)

Designed for the Btrieve Database Administrator who needs to manually recover data from a database file or determine the cause of a failure from time to time, these tools are used internally by Goldstar Software as part of our "Btrieve File Forensics" -- the study of corrupted files in search of a root cause. Previous versions of our BART toolkit were released with no or limited documentation. The new Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit is now shipping with a complete manual that covers all aspects of the file recovery process.

Features of the Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit include the following:

  • Copies of "standard" data analysis and recovery tools from Pervasive Software, in one place.
    • BCheck and BUTIL for file analysis
    • BClean, ByteChg, and BUTIL for file recovery
  • Copies of Jim Kyle's DataSave and DSave3a file recovery tools, in one place.
  • Copies of "advanced" 32-bit data analysis and recovery tools from Goldstar Software -- some now available for the first time ever!
    • Breaker & Maker: Splits large files into smaller pieces for easier manipulation
    • BtrvInfo & ListStat: Better BUTIL -STAT analysis
    • DXUtil: A Better BUTIL with some advanced features for recovery
    • FindBad: Locates the bad "spot" in a file
    • FindUNF: Finds a specific record in a UNF file
    • GREP32: A general purpose search tool
    • GSRecover: Our most powerful data recovery tool
    • KeyCheck: Checks files and indices for corruption
    • KeyData: Reports on internal file page and key statistics
    • KillPre: Gets rid of Btrieve 5.x PRE files
    • ListDPg: Finds and renumbers data pages in a data file
    • LPLookup & PPLookup: Data file analysis tools for manual efforts
    • MoveRecs: Data migration tool
    • PATCheck: Quickly checks files for PAT corruption
    • PATFix: The new version of the old standby tool!
    • ReadFile: A file viewer that works from the command line
    • VarCheck: Analysis tool for variable-length files
  • Older DOS versions of some of these same tools
  • Sample files in various versions to show different internal constructs
  • Damaged files with various types of corruption to show how to fix each type
  • Trial downloads of Pervasive PSQL v11/v12 and Pervasive.SQL V8 to allow you to work with files from the 5.x format all the way through the current 9.5 format
  • A fully-licensed deployment engine of Btrieve 6.15.430, with the needed patches to address the infamous "PATFix" bug
  • Trial downloads of other useful third-party software, including Hex Workshop, UltraEdit, BTSearch 2008, and many more

The original version of this toolkit was supplied with in-house documentation only. This new release includes a 180+ page manual with the following chapters:

  1. Core Computing Concepts: Important general concepts of computer theory
  2. Core Pervasive Concepts: Important general concepts for Pervasive files
  3. File Viewing and Manipulation Tools: Tools you can use to dig into your files
  4. Identifying Database Files: Ways to verify that a file is a Pervasive data file
  5. Pointer Types: A review of the various pointer types seen in data files
  6. The File Control Record: Details about the summary information stored at the front of each file
  7. The Page Allocation Table: Information about the critical Page Allocation Table (PAT) which allows the database to find pages within a file.
  8. The Alternate Collating Sequence Page: A frequently-used page type
  9. The Data Page: Information about interpreting pages holding your data
  10. The Variable Page: Information about how variable-length records are stored in the data file
  11. The Index Page: Basic information about indexing to better understand corruption
  12. Types of Database Corruption: Commonly seen types of corruption , and their sources
  13. Database Diagnostic Tools: A review of standard and advanced data diagnostic tools from Pervasive, Goldstar, and other sources
  14. Simple Database Repair Tools: Standard data repair tools for easy problems
  15. Advanced Database Repair Tools: Advanced data recovery tools for those tough problems
  16. Advanced Database Repair Techniques: Walk-throughs of various file recoveries showing the use of several tools
  17. Hands-On Diagnosis: Analyzing the provided "damaged" database files
  18. Finding More Help: Where to go for more help

Special Bonus: Jim Kyle's (RIP) book, Btrieve Complete was the original "bible" for Btrieve file recovery, and his text serves as the core foundation for all of our tools. While supplies last, get an original copy of Kyle's book for only $20 (plus shipping) when you purchase the Pervasive Data Recovery Toolkit!


All of the utilities in this package are provided as-is, without warranty or technical support. These tools are always being updated and expanded as we find new ways to use the tools or determine new things we want them to do. We will strive to eliminate bugs in the functionality of any tool as quickly as possible. We will also accept suggestions via EMail for improving the tools as enhancement requests. When you purchase and register a toolset, you will be notified via EMail of any updates to the tools in that set, and you be provided with the updated code when it becomes available. Goldstar Software Inc. may add new tools to a given tool package at any time, and it is our sole discretion as to whether the new tools will be provided free of charge or will require an upgrade fee.

Due to the advanced nature of the Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit, Goldstar Software offers free Email and phone support for the products regarding their basic functionality ONLY.If you request help using a given tool beyond this time, you will be charged for the support time just like any other support issue. Some tools are destructive in nature, so NO TOOL SHOULD EVER BE USED WITHOUT A PROPER BACKUP of the files being affected.

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