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AuditMaster Product Information

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AuditMaster is the database auditing solution that you can plug into your PSQL database and application immediately - with no code changes required! AuditMaster allows you to gain full monitoring over your database for specific operations, such as adds, changes, deletes, or even simple reads. You can even configure it for proactive notification when key criteria are met -- providing instantaneous awareness of improper access.

The AuditMaster product installs a component to your database engine called the Event Handler that intercepts a specific set of database events (you specific which events to capture in the configuration) and writes them to an audit log database. This logging occurs inside the database engine, and not in any kind of "application shim". Since it runs as part of the database process itself, it captures events from your primary application, but it can also capture events from users of applications like Access, Crystal Reports, and other ODBC systems. No other auditing system can capture such a wide range of sources, yet AuditMaster does it with a minimal amount of overhead involved!

Once the data is in the log database, it can be queried with the provided Log Viewer. This viewer allows you to quickly create a variety of saved queries with the ability to see not only the date and time of an event, but also the username, the application, the network address from which the event occurred, the table name, the operation, and the return code. For change or delete events, you can also see the data that was changed or removed -- available at the field level if DDF's are provided! Since the database is a standard PSQL database, it can also be queried by external sources like Crystal Reports or even your own applications.

AuditMaster also provides the ability to actively monitor for specific events, including specific status codes or specific types of operations, and notify a system administrator via Email or even running another application. Here's a few possible uses of this functionality:

  • Monitoring Admin User Usage: Spawn an alert whenever the Administrator user accesses the database from a location other than a specific authorized network address.
  • Status 2 Monitoring: When data file corruption is detected, automatically send an Email to the application support personnel so that the database can be fixed as quickly as possible. This reduces downtime and improves user satisfaction with the system!
  • Reduce Theft: Review changes made to customer shipping addresses to prevent unscrupulous employees from changing the address to their own, processing the shipment, and then changing it back.
  • Database Rollback: Roll back your entire database to a point-in-time snapshot, undoing all recent changes. This can be quite valuable for recovering after a failure, or when resorting to last night's backup offers too much data loss.
  • Monitoring Hacker Access: Certain data files, such as those containing credit card data, should never be accessed by anything outside the core application. You can now obtain instant alerts when a critical file is accessed from any non-standard location.
  • And Many More: We are still thinking of new uses for this powerful tool!

AuditMaster is available in several different SKU's for the Server Engine, stratified by user count (which must meet or exceed your database user count). User counts available are 6U, 10U, 20U, 50U, and Unlimited. You can also get User Count Increase licenses to exactly match your PSQL database license. AuditMaster v8 is available in one Server license only -- simplifying licensing of this newer product.

Different versions of AuditMaster are needed for each PSQL engine version:

  • AuditMaster v6.2 was supported on Pervasive.SQL V8 Windows Server database engines only. Workgroup Engines are NOT supported. If you have Pervasive.SQL V8, you can NOT upgrade to 6.3 -- you must upgrade to PSQLv9 first. This release became unsupported as of December 31, 2006.
  • AuditMaster v6.3 was supported on Pervasive PSQL v9.1 server database engines only, but there was a version for Windows Servers AND a different one for NetWare servers. (There is no AuditMaster for Linux.) This release became unsupported as of October 1, 2010.
  • AuditMaster v6.4 was supported on Pervasive PSQL v10, and was available for Windows only. This product worked with 32-bit versions of PSQLv10 only. This release was discontinued by Pervasive Software on October 31, 2011.
  • AuditMaster v7.0 was released in November 2010 and requires Pervasive PSQL v11. It was discontinued by Pervasive Software on April 1, 2012. There was ONLY a Windows 32-bit implementation of this product, so it was not compatible with a 64-bit engine.
  • AuditMaster v8.0 offers compatability with Actian PSQL Vx Server 11 as well as Actian PSQL v11. This version offers a per-database licensing (instead of per user), and your license key will work with either 32-bit or 64-bit server engines. Currently, AuditMaster is ONLY available for Windows.
  • AuditMaster v8.1 offers compatability with Actian PSQL Vx Server 11 Service Pack 3 and PSQLv11 Service Pack 3 and newer, which now includes support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • AuditMaster v12 offers compatability with Actian PSQL v12 and PSQL Vx Server 12 Service Pack 1 and newer. This release is for Windows ONLY.
  • AuditMaster v13 offers compatability with Actian PSQL/Zen v13 and Zen Vx Server 13 Service Pack 1 and newer. This release is for Windows ONLY.
  • AuditMaster v14 offers compatability with Actian Zen v14.10 for Windows, and it has been completely rewritten from the ground up with all new tools and alert capabilities.
  • AuditMaster v15 offers compatability with Actian Zen v15.10 for Windows. This release is for Windows ONLY and is available as of January 24, 2023.
  • AuditMaster v16 offers compatability with Actian Zen v16 for Windows. This release is for Windows ONLY and is available as of June 17, 2024.

Users of AuditMaster v6.x can use their license on ANY version of 6.x as you upgrade your database engine. (Newer 6.x licenses will also work on older 6.x versions of AuditMaster.) Users of PSQLv11 MUST upgrade to AuditMaster v7 or v8. Users of PSQL Vx must use AuditMaster v8. Actian has decided to NOT provide an upgrade path, so you'll need to purchase a whole new license if you upgrade your database engine. See the pricing chart for details. Contact Actian directly at 1-800-BTRIEVE if you would like them to consider changing this policy.

Contact Goldstar Software if you have additional questions!

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