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Application Support for Descartes/IES

Software Vendor: Descartes / IES
Application Name: Several
Application Version: Air, Import, Export, etc.

The various applications from IES (now owned by Descartes) work on PSQL, and will properly function on versions up through and including PSQL v12 and v13, and Actian Zen v14. We expect their testing of the Zen v15 environment to be completed some time in late 2022.

Due to the use of the Clarion database development environment, and that environment's poor choice of using the record position to keep track of memo fields, issues can arise if the base tables (for any of the various MEMO fields) need to be rebuilt or recovered. A complete list of tables as of 2015 includes the following:

  • AII_IMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • AII_PMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • DENIEMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • DOC_NMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • EDI_TMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • IMG_NMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • NONCLMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • PO_SOMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)
  • SSLAYMEM.DAT (Base Table Unknown)

If you have a need to rebuild any of these base tables, please see the Goldstar tool FixMemo which can modify the record address pointers in the Memo file to point to the new base table record positions.

Important: IES users who are using the SQL/ODBC interface for reporting should ALSO be setting the UseBtrieveExcludeNullKey registry flag so that indices are not ignored. This String Value should be created in the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software\SQL Relational Engine (or, with Actian Zen, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Actian\Zen\SQL Relational Engine) and given a value of YES. The engine should then be restarted to ensure that it takes effect for all subsequent usage.

Important: We have seen some REALLY bad combinations of IES database files and DDF's. If you are using SQL and optimization is not working as expected, please use the DDF Builder to confirm that the DDF's you are using match your database files. If they do not, contact Descartes to obtain the latest DDF's that match your software version.

If you are a software vendor or user of this application and would like to add, remove, or modify the information on these pages, we'll be happy to oblige. Simply contact us directly!

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